Pixel LED Effects

1. Pixel LED Effects Download:

Pixel LED Effects Download

Pixel LED Effects Video FILES: SWF AVI MOV MP4 GIF

Are you looking for some pixel effects to add to your pixel project? Well, look no further.

So go ahead and download the effect files that you want and get started on making some seriously cool stuff!

We've got the best collection of pixel effects for your LED controller software. Just download the files and start creating!

Check effects bundles with many great animations at:



2. Create Video Effects Files with Pixel LED Animator 2:

Pixel LED Animations GENERATOR!

Pixel LED Animator 2  LOGO

Pixel LED Animator 2 effects generator

This powerful tool for creating pixel led effects video files.

With it, you can easily create videos pixel led effects for LED Software.

It has a very simple interface, and it is easy to use.

Pixel LED Animator 2 Main Window

Works with:

  • Led Edit
  • Led Strip Studio
  • Jinx! – LED Matrix Control
  • or any led software or controller that accepts video file input

Export Formats available such as:

  • AVI
  • SWF
  • MOV
  • MP4
  • GIF